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March 5, 2005
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Naruto Group 2 by iDNAR Naruto Group 2 by iDNAR
Naruto Children Group, mostly small pen sketches on notebook cept pencil sketches on sketchbook of Sasuke and Neji. I liked how naruto turned out the best.

The biggest trick that this one had is to make then look in some proximity to a 12 year old especially Sshikamaru and Neji. :/

Edit: Updated for Kyuubi Naruto. Why? Because I like characters that have beserk versions of themselves >: D.

Edit2: Updated for Tenten, Tenten, Ino, Rock Lee, and Chouji(Stage 3). I have a lil to say about them:

Rock Lee: Nothing much special here. I wanted to normalize his "unique" eyes somewhat but still retain a little bit of its feeling.

Chouji: I never thought much of this character but when he took the third pill I thought he looked pretty cool(Thin mode :D). I tried to give a shriveled, wrinkled look to his face as to make him look a bit drained. Don't know if that worked :/.

Ino: I never thought too much of her as a character. Bad personally and not particually pretty either. And thats why this rendition turned out bad also.
Tenten: Why are there 2 Tentens? The one on the bottom right corner was the one i started first but then I went back online(I did most of these on the margins of notebooks in class while I was bored) I saw how inaccurate it was to the character. Tenten was a lot sharper looking than what I first depicted, as I thought it looked like XiangFei from the first one. So I redid it.

Furthermore I what I have to add is, when I see fanart I like to see the artist incorperate some of the more subtle features of the character rather than basing the likeness solely on hair, clothes, markings and etc. An example is you can see that Tenten's eyebrows are close to the eyes and sharp(unlike flat like Hinata). Also the eyes peak in the middle similar to Sakura in way (Hinata, Ino, Kurenai=flat|Tsunade=angle out). Also her nose is slightly closer to the mouth than other characters. Anyhow to keep it short thats what I like to see in fanart. But for this to be successful it requires careful and unique character design on part of the original artist. For artists like Kishimoto or that Bleach artist, it's relatively easier as their characters are not soley based on beauty but when you get to artists like CLAMP it gets relatively difficult as the facial features become indistinct.
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I'm just speechless!!!
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My goodness! You are so good at drawing! Do you watch MarkMikrilley
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wow,that's perfect
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very cool
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ino looks like she has an overbite... she probably did.. i lke the tentens
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My question is why you added Ino if you don't like her??
I mean, I'm not judging, I'm just sincerely curious.... I think she turned out looking fine in the end[[ your drawing ]], but why add her if you don't like her much??
XxJaymixUchihaxX Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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This makes me wanna see a naruto game where they look more like Tekken Characters (possible considering Lars showed up in storm.....just saying

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